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40 GB
UPTO 25K Visitor/Mo
UPTO 300,000 Visitor/Mo
UPTO 500,000 Visitor/Mo
Softaculous & App Installer
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lmunify360 Security
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Backups Weekly
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WordPress Hosting Technical Specifications

Offering WordPress web hosting plans with hassle free support.

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Best WordPress Hosting India for a Safer Site

DDoS shield

By screening out suspicious traffic, an effective DDoS shield keeps your site up and prevents denial of service attacks.

Malware scan & repair

Get automated virus checks for your website and hosting platform. If a danger is detected, you will be alerted promptly. Choose the Boost plan for automated malware removal and other enhanced protection features.

Unlimited traffic

We do not impose any bandwidth or traffic restrictions, and we do not charge for exceeding use limits.

SSD storage

All of our servers are equipped with high-end technology, such as SSD drives and CPUs fit for a business.

Isolated hosting for more stability

Your site will run faster and be safer on WebHost24x7 because of the dedicated server architecture they use.

Caching plugin for faster reloads

Use the no-cost caching plugin to speed up page loads. It stores HTML in a full-page cache so that subsequent visits to your site will load more quickly.

Cheap WordPress Hosting India Built for Every Need

Our secure, feature-rich, and reasonably priced WordPress hosting will help you bring your ideas to life. Use our flexible, user-friendly hosting services to create a stunning website.

Web hosting with simplicity

You’ll find everything you need to create a WordPress site here. Trust our WordPress professionals to take care of your website while you concentrate on running your business. Learn more about the benefits of Managed WordPress below.

Advanced security

Safeguard yourself with features like spam blocking and a single-sign-on system. Every day, we deploy tried-and-true, automated updates that patch any vulnerabilities in the system's core, plugins, and themes.

Support from experts

Experience expedited service and assistance from WordPress professionals. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to enhance WordPress by creating cutting-edge plugins and themes.

Up-to-date and healthy

Managed WordPress hosting that leverages our decades of experience in the hosting industry. Your website's security, speed, and functionality are all maintained by us.

Easily migrate your WordPress website

Already having a WordPress site elsewhere? No Problem. Switching from your current host to us is a breeze. Simply submit a few pieces of information to migrate your WordPress site. Some additional procedures may be needed for really big sites.

Install WordPress One Click

Install, Manage and Secure WordPress with One Click

With Webhost24x7, creating a new WordPress site is as simple as clicking a button. With only a click, you can easily integrate useful features and optimize your site. If you’d like, you may also have our customer service team set up WordPress for you.

With Webhost24x7, you also get features like automatic WordPress updates, cloning, staging, and on-demand automated backups for the ease of management.


WordPress hosting is a specialized web hosting service optimized for running WordPress websites. It offers features tailored to WordPress, such as automatic updates, performance enhancements, and pre-installed plugins/themes, ensuring smoother site management and better performance.

WordPress hosting is designed specifically for WordPress sites, while regular hosting is more generic. WordPress hosting typically includes server optimizations, caching, and security measures tailored for WordPress. Regular hosting serves a broader range of platforms and may lack WordPress-specific optimizations.

Managed WordPress hosting offers several benefits, including automatic updates, daily backups, enhanced security, expert support, and improved site speed. It frees you from technical tasks, allowing you to focus on content and business growth, making it ideal for non-technical users.

While it’s not mandatory, WordPress hosting can greatly benefit small blogs. It ensures faster loading times, better security, and expert support. Many WordPress hosting plans are affordable and tailored for various needs, making them a valuable investment for bloggers aiming to create a user-friendly experience.