Fully-Managed Dedicated Hosting Service

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Experience unrivalled Performance with our Dedicated Hosting Solutions.

Dedicated Hosting

$29.99 /mo
With a 3-yr term. You pay ₹ 2,844.00 today.
Renews at ₹ 7,884.00.

Dedicated Hosting

$49.99 /mo
With a 3-yr term. You pay ₹ 2,844.00 today.
Renews at ₹ 7,884.00.

Dedicated Hosting

$89.99 /mo
With a 3-yr term. You pay ₹ 2,844.00 today.
Renews at ₹ 7,884.00.

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Dedicated Hosting Features

When you choose our dedicated hosting service, you’re investing in premium performance, uncompromising security, and expert support. Our dedicated hosting packages offer you full control over your hosting environment, with features that ensure your website operates at peak efficiency and security.

Managed Hosting

Experience total control and exclusive access with our dedicated managed hosting solutions. Your server resources are solely yours, providing optimal performance and scalability.

Website Transfer

Switching to our service is seamless and stress-free. We offer a complimentary website transfer service handled by our experts.

Tier 1 Network

Enjoy high-speed and reliable connectivity with our Tier 1 network. Designed for superior performance, our network ensures your website operates with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Certified Experts

Our team of certified experts is at the forefront of industry standards and best practices. Whether it’s routine maintenance or complex troubleshooting, our professionals have the knowledge and skills to handle all aspects of hosting management.

Multi-layer Defence

Security is most important, which is why our dedicated hosting includes multi-layer defense mechanisms. From firewalls and intrusion detection systems to regular malware scanning, we safeguard your data against threats.

Free SSL Certifacate

uild trust with your visitors by securing your site with a free SSL certificate. An SSL certificate encrypts data exchanged between your server and your users, essential for protecting sensitive information and enhancing your site’s credibility.

Dedicated Hosting Services
With Complete Management

Experience the power and flexibility of dedicated hosting coupled with the convenience of full management.

Self Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Popular uses.

Managed dedicated hosting offers best performance and security, making it the ideal choice for a variety of critical applications and business needs. With robust hardware and expert management, this hosting solution can handle high traffic volumes, secure sensitive data, and support complex website operations with ease.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Fast, Secure and Reliable
Dedicated Hosting in India

WebHost24x7’s dedicated hosting in India uses the greatest hardware and software available to ensure your site is always up and running.

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Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting where a client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. This offers full control over the server, including choice of operating system, hardware, etc.

Dedicated hosting is ideal for large businesses or websites that require high performance, enhanced security, and customizable server environments due to heavy traffic volumes or sensitive information handling.

The main benefits include enhanced security, high performance, exclusive use of resources, greater flexibility in configuration, and the ability to handle large amounts of traffic without performance degradation.

Unlike shared hosting, where resources are shared among multiple users, dedicated hosting provides exclusive access to all resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space to one user, offering more stability and reliability.

Yes, dedicated hosting is typically more expensive than other hosting options like shared or VPS hosting due to the exclusive use of server resources, better performance, and enhanced security features.

Absolutely, one of the key advantages of dedicated hosting is the ability to fully customize your server setup including the choice of operating system, hardware specifications, and specific software installations.

Most service providers offer 24/7 support for dedicated hosting clients, providing assistance with server management, troubleshooting, and proactive monitoring to ensure optimal performance.

Dedicated hosting improves security by providing physical isolation; your server is not shared with other clients. This reduces the risk of attacks and you can implement custom security measures like firewalls and anti-malware systems tailored to your specific needs.

Contract lengths can vary, but most providers offer monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. Some may require a minimum commitment, often ranging from one month to a year.

While scaling hardware in a dedicated hosting environment can be more complex than with cloud or VPS hosting, many providers offer flexible options such as additional RAM, extra bandwidth, or increased storage capacity to accommodate growing needs.