cloud server hosting

Cloud server hosting is when hosting services are made available to customers on demand via the Internet. Rather than being provided by a single server or virtual server, cloud server hosting services are provided by multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud. Cloud server hosting is also sometimes referred to as cluster server hosting or server on-demand hosting.

Cloud server hosting offers the advantages of increased accessibility and reliability, seamless scalability and potential cost savings, as customers are freed from having to invest in on-premises servers and hardware, and they pay only for the resources they consume.  On the other hand, security and lack of access and full control are potential concerns with cloud server hosting.

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Simplicity Meets Performance

Innovative Control Panel

Cloud hosting comes with a custom made control panel. Find all essential tools in one place and manage your server with utmost efficiency.

Dedicated IP and Resources

Cloud hosting servers run on isolated virtual instances. Thus, you'll have total control of all resources and limits. Dedicated IP included.

Automated Backups

Safety always comes first. Automated daily backups will ensure that your files and databases are safe and sound.

Instant Setup

Setting up a server can take quite a while. But Cloud hosting features instant activation to get you up and running in no time at all.

Latest Technologies

Cloud hosting is fully managed, thus we'll make sure to include the latest technological and performance updates.

Integrated Caching

Make your projects ultra quick with in-built cache manager. Remember, fast websites and high search engine rank are closely related.

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What is Cloud Hosting?

If you have a quickly growing website, there will come a time when shared hosting is not enough. With that in mind, cloud hosting is here to give you the best of two worlds. The power and reliability of a VPS with the simplicity of shared hosting. Get dedicated resources and let us take care of all the technical stuff!

What are the main advantages of Cloud Hosting?


Dedicated Resources

Fully Managed

How many cloud hosting customers are hosted on a physical server?

On each physical server there are a variety of customers with different requirements. Therefore, it is difficult to give a simple answer. However, Intrahost guarantees exclusive resources to each customer.
Our physical hosting servers are more than sufficiently equipped with resources to meet the requirements of the cloud servers.

How soon can my cloud server account be setup?

All cloud server hosting accounts are setup once verification has been completed. Verification should take no longer than 24 hours following the placement of your order. This can be as little as a few minutes.

Can I upgrade from shared hosting to Cloud Hosting?

The main difference between two is that cloud hosting plan provides you with dedicated resources and the ability to manage them as you see fit. Meanwhile shared hosting typically hosts multiple servers on one dedicated machine.

How many websites can I host with a Cloud Hosting package?

Cloud Hosting has no limit on the amount of websites you can host. You can add as many as you need as long as you have the resources. And if you ever need more, we got your back!

Can I upgrade my cloud server hosting package?

Yes. You can upgrade from any Intrahost cloud server plan to any other cloud hosting package.
If you wish to upgrade to a plan utilising the same operating system (Windows or Linux – same version), Intrahost can upgrade your cloud server whilst maintaining your original files and settings. Please call us if you need more information before making your upgrade choice.

What applications can I run on a cloud server?

You can install most web–based applications, software and utilities within the cloud server hosting environment without any modifications. Both open–source and commercial applications that are widely tested and utilised will also run successfully on your cloud server.